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Summary: Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson

Who moved my cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson pdf free download is an amazing book for dealing with the problems in daily changes and your life. This novel sold out in a hurry. Almost 26 million copies sold out from 1998 to now. Moreover, it translated to almost 37 plus languages. This book is full of metaphors and similarities to human beings’ habits. The main character of the book is four two of them are mice and two are little people.

Sniff and Scurry are mice who have friendship with human Hem and Haw both were brothers. They live their lives happily. And in the maze in the search of cheese. They travel together in the search of cheese and one-day human reach at cheese station C and they made a routine to come here and took the pieces of cheese. One day Sniff and Scurry happen to come there. The living beings are addicted to their eating.

On that day they didn’t find cheese enough for food and started searching forehand new pieces of cheese together with Hem and Haw. After many days human brothers again visited that place and they found nothing there. As they didn’t prepare for this situation, as cheese could end from there. They had no backup process. So, at that time Hem demanded: “who moved my cheese.” They supposed that the cheese supply will be constant, but in this situation, they were in anger and upset.

One day Haw leaves his friend and searches cheese here and there, one day he reached to new Cheese Station N where cheese abundant but he misses his friend for him he writes a note on the wall for inspiration. Change happens, anticipate change, monitor change, adapt to change quickly, change enjoy change, be ready to change quickly, and enjoy it again.

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