The Tempest,the tempest summary

Summary: The Tempest by William Shakespeare

The Tempest by William Shakespeare a play was written in 1610. The play written on the ship and some parts also written on the island. Moreover, this play considered one of the last plays by him. the story contains music and songs that display the spirit of people on the island. The theme related to revenge, betrayal, and magic. this play listed in William Shakespeare’s comedies.

The Prospero is the main character of the play, he with his daughter and two servants was moving on ship toward and island. The Prospero creates a storm and shipwrecks into two parts. The storm carried out by the spirit of Ariel, Prospero is a Duke of Milan. He wants to revenge from the king of a twelve year ago story. When he was traveling with his daughter and strand with her daughter, with Antonio and Alonso were with him and their son with two counselors.

Prospero wants to reverse what done with him twelve years ago and regains his office. That’s why he creates this storm and divides the ship into two parts on Ferdinand and her daughter Marinda to create and romantic and sexual relationship between them. William Shakespeare is an English play writer, poet, and actor he is one the greatest writer of the English language. He known as England’s national poet and great dramatist.

Also, known as the “Bard of Avon” he has written 39 plays, 154 sonnets, and some other poems. He was born in Warwickshire. His work listed in romance and comedy most of his famous plays is “The Romeo and Juliet”, The Hamlet, the tempest. These plays adopted many times on the screen as film, drama, and theatre. Romeo and Juliet considered the best play of romance.

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