The Souls of Black Folk,the souls of black folk pdf

Summary: The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B Du Bois

The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B Du Bois pdf free download is a piece of African-American literature. It’s considered a masterpiece in social science. It contains different essays and speeches on racism. As the Africans are fighting for their rights and racism. They treated as slaves and have no social status in society due to their skin color. Most chapters of the book are essays on racism and each essay starts with poetic verse.

In the early era before the 1950s, they have no right to vote and they were unable to attain any facility as normal citizens. In the first chapter, he says that we should be treated equally and have equal rights for security protection and good education. Also, he says that blacks are equally intelligent as whites, they can contribute to politics economics and science. Moreover, he highlights history from a freedom era like 1845 to 1876 in this time they fought their war of freedom.

Mostly area of South America populated with blacks he raised in Mississippi and he shares his experience in chapter 4. Further, he finds schooling in these areas very necessary. it is impossible to eradicate racism in the current year 2023 they are fighting for their rights in America as black lives matter as a white cop killed black person named George Floyd. People are protesting all over the world to protect their rights and showing sympathy.

W.E.B Wu Bois was an American socialist, historian, civil rights activist, author, and writer. He graduated from the University of Berlin and Harvard. Bois raised in a black community where he faced too many difficulties in perusing his studies. He was the first African-American who earned his doctorate. Moreover, he was a professor of history and sociology at Atlanta University.

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