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Summary: The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli

The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli pdf free download is a political and philosophical book. it describes how to rule he was an Italian ruler. The prince is not theoretical but it’s more practical and straightforward and easily understandable. The book has different sections the first two chapters define the purpose of the book and its scope of application. It narrates the different principalities and types of rulers.

How a ruler should construct his policies and make principles. Moreover, a ruler or prince doesn’t know his people. He is now in power the third chapter tells how to maintain principalities and implement them as law in the state. For making a new law or importing annexe from another nation it is very important to know about their people. In the next section, he gives too much advice like how to deal with interrelations, how to make alliances, how to acquire and hold new states, build up your strong army, and how to make strong foreign policies.

Also, the leadership qualities of the prince matter. If a prince is an intelligent person, he will make wise decisions and deep insight into each matter of state. The price should be a humble person not aggressive, also working for the goodwill of the state and people. In the last section of the book, the writer discusses why the previous rulers failed and they don’t make unite state. In the past years, Italy didn’t unite by the rulers because of their principalities.

The writer Niccolò Machiavelli was an Italian writer philosopher and diplomat. Also, he is known as the father of modern philosophy and political science. He was a senior official in the Republic of Florence. He is famous for his book The Prince. Also, he has a deep knowledge of battles and battle strategies. He died 21 June 1527.

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