The Picture of the Gray,the picture of dorian gray movie

Summary: The Picture of the Gray by Oscar wild

The picture of the gray by Oscar wild pdf free download is a philosophical novel. It was published in magazine firstly the editor of the magazine deleted some words without permission of the writer due to the length of the novel. But a revised edition published a year after in book form. Dorian Gray is a wealthy and civilized guy, Basil gets attracted to him and gets an artistic imagination in his mind. At the start of the novel, an artist was making a portrait.

She makes his portrait, but Dorian tells him friend lord Henry that he didn’t like portraits too much because his details and impressions were revealed deeply. Lord Henry who is famous for scandalizing his friends. he reveals their secrets to defame and damage their status. In an open exhibition, Basil introduces Henry to Dorian but Dorian feels uncomfortable. He fears Henry as if he revealed last night’s discussion to Basil will get aggressive.

Henry gives a book to Dorian for study this was related to corruption and sin, like another bible. Dorian got involved deeper in the book. As his status degraded and rumors were spread regarding his life. Dorian always wanted to remain beautiful and young.  one day invites the Basil Hellward and kills her due to that portrait. To dispose of the body, he got help from his friend James Vine he blackmails him. after having his scandal and uses him to dispose of the body.

Now he was his secret keeper but still, he didn’t feel safe himself after a few days he kills Vine also. He considered himself calm and peaceful. Moreover, he wants to destroy that painting, he brings that knife with whom he murdered Basil and James. Dorian wants to destroy the painting but instead of it, he kills himself. His servants find a dead body on the ground.

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