The Law of One,the law of one pdf

Summary: The Law of One

The law of one pdf free download is a series of books, this information is from Ra and compiled by Bob Childers with the help of David Wilcock. The Ra material tells us about the 6th destiny race and movement of humankind from 3rd race to forth and so on. This information from Ra helps us to build up humanity and our character. Moreover, this book has 5 sequel books and different sections are divided into these books.

They set a series of experiments in 1961 with different people and then extracted the observations and their thoughts from these experiments. This data refined in 18 years and finally published in 1982. It is a live discussion session and questioner session, and it’s an exact tape recording of that 26 sessions of experiment. The Ra landed on the earth about 11,000 years ago to help the earthman with his evolution mind but he got failed in this attempt.

They considered that Ra is highly informed about our history culture and languages. The question that arises here is that who is Ra? Ra is considered as the God who has the power to control the universe and the creator of all the things in-universe. This term is borrowed from Egyptian civilization. In their civilization, Ra was an important god who swallowed by the night and reborn with the day. The book has eight main sections in each section of different topics discussed.

The 1st section is about the law of one, evolution, and distortion. The second section is about the architecture of the universe, planets, stars, galaxies, and a detailed study of the earth. The 3rd section is about the sun and its solar system. The fourth section describes spiritual growth and enrichment of spirituality. Section 5th and 6th are about sexual growth and energy. At last 7th and 8th are about current situations and technology.

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