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Summary: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid’s Tale Margaret Atwood pdf free download is a web TV series. She was a Canadian author. Later on, Bruce produced a tv series on It. The story of the novel is based on the second American Civil War, the main character handmaid, she is a slave and living a life of slavery with her child. Production of drama starts in 2016 and its 1st episodes released in 2017. The 1st season consists of 10 episodes. Moreover, this drama has a sequel to 4 seasons.

The story got fame from the second season aired in 2018. A society that is going to collapse due to sexual diseases, environmental pollution, the totalitarian and government in the United States. After the American Civil War II, a new world came into existence, new social classes established based on color and wealth. The woman subjected to brutality and slavery. She has no right to own property, house, and job. An infertile woman used as a sex car and purely slave.

The women like adulteresses, prostitutes, lesbians, single or unmarried mothers, non-Christians, and political dissidents considered as Handmaids. Mostly women classified into social classes and recognized based on their dresses. Handmaids wear a red long dress and big brown shoes, another class is Maratha’s housekeeper and cooks, the other are wives of Commanders considered an honorable community of women.

Economies wear shades of gray they are also considered low-class women, the next one is Aunts. The 1st season of this series won eight awards and nominated for thirteen awards. Handmaids role played by Elisabeth Moss. She won the best actress award for her role in this series. This is the first series produced by Hulu and won too many awards. Bruce Miller is an American television writer and producer also a director.

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