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Review: The Book of Revelation

The book of revelation also known as Revelation to john its and old manuscript of Christians scared book. Also, a new testament to the final Christian Bible. the testament means that a modified thing. New testament discusses the ethics, good deeds, and people of Jesus. Both books the old Bible and the New Testament have the same value for Christians. They read and follow the teachings of both books. The author John whose identity is an anonymous and academic debate.

Most of the people consider him a close companion to Jesus. This book addresses religious figures, mainly describe seven churches in the Roman era. In the Roman empire, the context was the same as from the past but after that, some changes were made in the context. The book addressed seven churches of Asia named Ephesus to this church said that God tests people by their abilities and their actions, not their worship.

The 2nd church Smyrna in this regard said that those who are faithful with God until death will be rewarded and who got success will not be hurt. From the 3rd church, Pergamum said that fast for me and be faithful who will be a real martyr. After the throne of God seven seals opened. In the 1st seal a white horse appeared, whose rider has a bow with which to the conqueror.

The second seal a red horse appeared with a great sword in his hand. That means to keep peace on earth as in the next seal’s different horse rider appeared with different faiths and Words from God. The modern scholars tried to understand the book from the 1st-century origin. Also, they are curious about the origin of the book as the Book of Enoch the era of both books is the same but the context and teachings are completely different.

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