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Review of Enuma Elis by Timothy J. Stephany

Enuma Elis is an epic poem that was found in the remains under the ruins of an old library. It tells about the true knowledge of Babylon. Various Babylonian concepts are base on today’s history and philosophy. There are seven translated clay tablets in the Iraq museum that converted to the paper form and people read it around the globe. The most important feature of this epic is the writing style of it is similar to the Bible.

Some old people say that it is a semi holy book. The story here started with Tiamat, who was a god. He was a rebel and fought with other gods. She raised an army of monsters to fight with other gods and wanted to be in power and become the sole master. Qingu was the man of Tiamat who assisted her in doing everything. Many gods tried to confront her but the laid their lives. Then Marduk came and he fought with her.

He won, Qingu hanged till death because of his betrayal. Gods took the body of Taimat and made the world with it. From Qingu body they made humanity in the world. This story ends when some gods took charge of their duties. According to this poem, humans created for worshipping gods. All I concluded from this poem is that it has a special place in ancient literature.

Many people say that these gods and this story is real and it was a real tale crafts Arts men to remember this incident. It was unclear and at many points, I found it ambiguous. Even though it is short I had to read it more than once to get a better understanding of it. It is for a person who wants to understand the ancient methodologies of how this earth came into being. In my opinion, it is a fantasy-based poem.

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