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Summary: Dune by Frank Hobert

Dune by Frank Hobert pdf free download is a science fiction novel. This book won the Nebula Award of best for Best Novel. Also, in 2003 it was listed as a best-selling science fiction novel. The tells the story of a young guy named Paul Atreides, whose family moved to planet Arrakis. The planet is unpopulated and unfavorable for human life, comprised of the only desert.

So, how can you imagine living in such a place? Further, this planet is the source of mélange that is a drug used in magic and extends life. This drug has worth everyone who wants to take control over it. Moreover, this drug use by astrology, astronauts, gives information about space and also helps in their studies. So, people try to make power on the planet because this drug only has grown on this planet. Thus, they played with politics, religion, ecology, and technology.

This novel discusses the change concerning time. Hoe things get change with time. The main theme of the book is related to human behavior and science. Over time these behaviors would changed. Frank drew parallel storylines and use metaphors and extrapolated the current situation. The critics consider it an epic adventure story, also he has used middle-Eastern terms and concepts. Like as from Turkish and Arabic theology, and Islamic concepts.

In 1984 this film adapted by David Lynch after that again in 2023 adopted as a film. Hobert Frank was an American novel writer mostly for his science fiction novels. Dune was one of his most famous novels. Also, five sequels published in this novel. Moreover, he served the US Navy during world war II. The most interesting about him is that he wasn’t graduated from any university. Dune paved his way to success. He was a professor at California state university.

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