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Review: Common Sense by Thomas Paine

Common Sense by Thomas Paine pdf free download is a pamphlet. Basically, it is a sermon delivered by him to local people when they independence from Great Britain. In the 17th century, America was under British rule. In the late 17th century they won the independence war and got separation from British rule. At that time the Thomas visited different American colonies and urged people to fight against the egalitarian government.

In fact, Egalitarianism is a philosophical and political school of thought which beliefs on equality of rights, and all human beings are equal. This war called the American revolution. This book published anonymously but later on, it became a sensation. Also, it sold and distributed all over the colonies and almost 2.5 million copies sold. At that time Americans have no direction to move no law and constitution. In fact, becoming an independent is easy but to maintain independence is difficult.

Paine gathered all the people who were sensible and literate they started to educate people and reconciliation with all thee states. Due to their efforts and hard work, the states decided to make a united government and a united country named the United States of America.  The book consists of four sections. The 1st section about the way and origin of the new government from the English constitution. Moreover, the second part is all about succession and empire system. In the third section, he analyzes and examines the current affairs of the American people.

Their current economy according to their business he proposes the system. Further, the last part is about their abilities and will power to achieve something. Americans are intelligent and have strong determinant and hard work. Actually, Thomas Paine was an American revolutionary, political figure, philosopher, and political theorist. Moreover, he worked hard in the American Revolution and wrote the two most popular pamphlets at that time.

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