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Summary: Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller pdf free download a war-based story of a pilot of US Navy. It describes his life and different ways. Moreover, the plot set in between the World War II. The novel describes the hard-military experiences and hard conditions of survival for a soldier during the war. During the war no one took care of sliders properly, they have to fight for their country without any concern about their lives. Death is included in their duty. The novel has a fragmented story.

In 1st part, it tells about war in 1944, and then in 2nd part a flashback to the past the last and sixth part tells the story of the present. The writer’s style is different from writing to observation. He observes and defines a single thing multiple times with the different points of view so that a reader could broaden his mind. Most of the things in the novel are repetitive. Moreover, the novel has a story touch to anti-capitalism, paradox. An enemy is one who intends to kill you he could be from either side.  

The theodicy of the novel is about god it looks like the writer believes in god, but incompetent. Sometimes he thinks the same God who created the good ones also he is the creator of people like Hitler and war other evils. Joseph Heller is an American story writer, novelist, and play writer. his work is based on wars and capitalism. He was born in Brooklyn on May 1, 1923. He belongs to a Jewish family; in world war II he joined the army as a volunteer.

Two years later he got a promotion to the Italian front. He was fond of writing from his childhood. In 1949 he completed his graduation. He has written some other books like “we bombed in heaven.” Also, he taught in some universities.

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