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Summary: Basic Music Theory

Basic Music Theory pdf free download a book related to music practices and theories. Also, this book defines and explains the definition of music and its liabilities. A comprehensive introduction od different music instruments described. To understand the music different signature invented and key signature of these signs. Music theory is concerned with the composition of music how music id formed and tuning the instruments.

Actually, music didn’t follow proper guidelines it’s based on the composer but, there are some key principles to compose any song and tune. This book is for beginner musicians and also for others who had already a sense of music. This book makes us capable to learn, read, and write the music easily. For this book, you need no special kind of expertise. This book has seven parts mainly each part covers different topics. Part 1 is the start-up part, chapter 2-5 you will learn basic symbols and terms, how they look, how to write, and how to understand these terms.

Part 2 covers The Clefs’ general information about them specifies the bass, treble, and clefs. These two parts make you able to understand the terms properly and you have a musical mindset now and moving on chapter 10 covers all the previous terms and overview. In part 3 you got the rhythm and learn about the continuous rhythm. This was the basis of music. Part four is a little advancer of these concepts.

Use of piano keyboard, half and full steps, sharps, flats, and scaling. The other next parts are related and connected. Mostly the notations and terms used are from the Italian language. At the end of this book, you will be able to tune the different instruments, playing and composing some basic tunes and understand the musical terminologies. Moreover, this book is superb.

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