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Summary: American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

American born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang is a graphic novel published in 2006. It has won many awards. The book narrates three different tales, these stories are based on Chinese folk tales like Sun Wukong, The Monkey King, and Journey to the West. The target audience of this novel is the young generation, in the second tale a young guy of first-generation immigrants moves from San Francesco’s Chinatown to he struggles to fit in their school system and American culture.

Also, he tried to make friends and relationships with girls but these relations did late for a long time due to the disapproval of Gerges. Also, In the third tale, an American boy Danny whose cousin from china visits him every year. his cousin always shows the stereotype side of Americans like discrimination of accent, dressing, hairstyle, eating habits, and physical appearances. The main theme of the book is to degrade and expose racism. That most of the time Chinese worker faces in America.

Also, they discriminate against people through different things. The racial and stereotype face of Americans. He also defines the misguided distinction between “good stereotype” and “bad stereotype.” Moreover, the characters of the book are the monkey king who accompanies him in his journey and Tze-Yo-Tzuh the creator of the universe and all his deities, and many other characters. In 2006 this book selected for National Books Awards. Moreover, this book has won the award of the best comics book and graphics book.

Also, Time Magazine selected it as the top ten comics of the year. Gene Luen Yang is an American cartoonist. He delivers lectures in different universities, colleges, and schools all over the libraries. Also, he writes books on cartoon graphics and novels. Moreover, he was the director of information services and taught computer science at a school. In 2016 she became the third graphic novelist.

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