A Streetcar Named Desire,a streetcar named desire movie

Summary: A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

A streetcar named desire by Tennessee Williams pdf free download novel that defines a relationship between life and death, also a relation between death and sex. However, marring is a good option, but in case the husband died, or he leaves the wife, she has to live in starving conditions. That’s why sometimes to fulfil sexual requirements human made a mistake. Same in this story, Blanche DuBois is a school teacher she comes to her sister Stella’s house to live.

She told her that she has lost their ancestral home and lost all the relatives also. She has been out of the city with no house to live in. Also, she intended to live for a long time with her sister. Also, she told me that she is currently on leave from school due to the death of her husband. Here her brother-in-law Stanley doesn’t like her. Most of the time, he tortures her and asks her to leave his apartment.

But Stella always defended her sister. Blanche fell in relationship with Mitch. He daily comes to her home, picks her, and both guys go-to dating. Stanley always blackmails her due to her dark past. She was drunk and had bad habits. One day Mitch have to pick her she was waiting for Mitch in apartment suddenly a delivery boy comes, and she gives him a lustful kiss.

Then Mitch came, and they went to dating. But after some days she got her birthday she has to go with Mitch, but he didn’t enter all day. Thomas Lanier Williams III is known as Tennessee Williams, and he was an American playwriter in the 20th century. His most famous play was the glass manger. Most of his work was adopted in cinemas. He was also a short story writer, novel writer and other fictional stories writer.

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