The book of Jasher,book of jasher contradictions

Summary: The book of Jasher by Jasher

The book of Jasher by Jasher is religious and historical. it relates to the bible. If you love reading the bible and already read it then you should read it. This book is much historical rather than spiritual. It explains the happening and stories of the bible with much detail. The details of Israel (Jakob) and his 12 sons. How Israel raised them, and they cheated their father by putting their youngest son in the well.

Also, it defines Israel’s life in much detail. Then his last son Joseph became a prophet and the king of Egypt. Moreover, the book covers detail about the pharaoh and Musa’s story. Musa invited him to God much more important for Jews and Christians. Because it is regarding to their prophets. Israel is the father of Jews and Christians. Musa was their prophet. But they also refused his teachings. The book covered the story of Hazrat Ibrahim. This flashes out some old kind of testaments.

Much more detail and stories about Ibrahim as he was the grandfather of Jakob. As in the bible there is the name of two sons of Jakob. But this book told about his all sons like they were 12. The writer is exactly correct with dates and references, the same as they happened. A brief history and basics of Jews, how they established and they conquest their city, Canaan. Later on, populated there.  And why Esau has to give up his rights for food, it is told in the bible and this book also.

It was published in 1750 in English in New York. this was translated into English. It is said that this was written Jasher son Caleb one the Moses Lieutenant.  That explains the biblical stuff and stories related to Judaism and Israelites in their father’s city.

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