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Summary: Candide by Voltaire

Candide by Voltaire pdf free download is a novel based on optimism. It was published in 1759 in the French language. Later on, it was translated into further languages. It is a satire-based novel, and it is a genre of literature. Candide is a boy who fell in love with a beautiful Cunegonde. But her father didn’t want this relationship and didn’t allow them to marry.
Further, he kicks him out.

Then Candide starts travelling around the globe. He met with different people, also all misfortunes and fortunes all along his way to life. During his journey, he meets many people experiencing many people, gaining experience and a lot of advice. I think the hardships in life are the best mentor and teacher in life. These hardships prepare you to face them and prepare yourself for further misfortunes and severe problems.

A person can’t be a successful man until he isn’t able to meet them and solve them for his betterment. Candide always picked up positivity in his life. As professor Pangloss was his mentor, he was an optimist. Also, Pangloss always taught him to be an optimist. The book was banned after its publication because it contains religious blasphemy and some political contradictions. The inspiration for this is Monadology by Leibniz.
François-Marie Arouet also known as Voltaire, he was a French philosopher, historian and writer.

He was famous for his criticism on Christianity. Moreover, he has written his work almost in any form of literature like plays, novels, history and philosophy and science expositions. He was an advocate of civil liberties. This man almost was an atheist. Because he has negative thoughts and views for each religion and in all his life, he criticized Christianity. His work was nominated due to this novel. He has written almost 2000 books in different fields and dies on 30 May 1778.

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