The Cask of Amontillado By Edgar Allan Poe pdf free download it means the barrel of wine. The cask of Amontillado is a short story written by Edgar Allan Poe. He was an American writer, poet, and literary critic. He was a master in doing poetry and writing magnificent tales which attracts millions of people in the whole globe. This short novel mainly consists of two characters.

Montresor as an antagonist and Fortunato as a protagonist. This is simply a story of revenge, how Montresor took revenge from his friend Fortunato. Montresor succumbed to his friend to death just because fortunate, his friend, insulted him. The whole story is full of ironies used by the writer. The writer described every element of the plot fantastically.

Overall, this book is not easy enough to understand at first sight, but it is really amazing terrible story of two friends. Actually Fortunato and Montresor are two main characters and they can’t bear each other. the conditions in which they have grown up wasn’t favorable. they are friends and on the journey. It looks like criminals. Their activities are not good and suspicious. so, they are living together.

Montresor’s family got murdered and he suspects upon his friend. but, he makes complete investigation about their murder who was the murderer. at last, he finds him guilty. He pulls him in the wall. sarts constructing wall layer by layer. he puts a stone on him. Fortunato seeks forgiveness from him. but at last, he put the last stone on him and his voice vanished. finally, he says “rest in peace.”

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