Travels In The Land Of Serpents And Pearls by Marco Polo pdf download he left Venice in 1271 and spent twenty-four years in Asia, where he became an essential agent of Kublai Khan and made many journeys through the Mongol Empire. On his way home in 1291, he accompanied a diplomatic mission that sailed on the junks’ fleet via Sumatra, Sir Lanka, and India to the Persian Gulf. He wrote his famous travels, from which this selection taken, while in prison in Genoa.

Born in Venice in 1254, Marco Polo traveled with his father and uncle to Asia and chronicled his travels. He jocularly said, “I did not write half of what I saw, for I knew I would not be believed.” In this story, we explore his life as a sailor and bring to light some lesser-known facts about his seafarer. He left Asia when he was hardly seventeen years old, probably the youngest to take up a voyage of this magnitude and proportion.

The mother died when he was only five, and he met his father only when he was fifteen as the father and uncle were away on voyages. Two years later, he took the most important journey of his life, hardly knowing his co-travelers. He traveled to Central Asia and China when there were hardly any road maps or sea courses charted by man. When he returned from his journey.


He brought back memories of this world discovered and helped demystify the culture, language, and habits of Asia and China. His travel was not a bed of roses. He faced numerous hardships, some of which he mentioned in his memories. Though to many, it may seem he was the first to explore Asia and China. He wasn’t the first. Other European travelers had done it before him.

His father and uncle had traveled to China and met Kublai Khan, and this was a repeat of the journey to the kingdom. It is said that Kublai Khan was interested in learning about Christianity as he had heard a lot from the Polo family. The emperor wanted them to bring 100 Christians to discuss religion and the holy oil from Jerusalem. They managed to procure oil and took only Marco Polo with them.

Polo had left home at age 17 and didn’t return to Venice for 24 years. Over two decades, he traveled around 15,000 miles both on land along the Silk Road and by the sea coming across parts of Asia and, if some highly controversial maps are to be believed, visited parts of the Alaskan Coast. When he returned to Venice in 1295, he found them at war with Genoa and took up arms for his motherland.


He went to jail after a skirmish, and there he met a romantic writer Rustic hello of Pisa, to whom he narrated his tales of adventure. After that, the writer prepared a manuscript. It must be said that Marco Polo learned many languages on his trips. But he doesn’t mention Chinese as one of them.

Marco Polo is credited with introducing paper money to Europe. Kublai Khan already has done so in China. He encountered many animals during his travels and has brought. The chow breed of dogs, musk deer, and the yak hitherto unknown in Europe. During his travel, however, he found endless quantities of rare spices costing virtually nothing.

And while he may not have ice cream to Europe either, sources suggest, he does describe an early power shake. The Mongols reportedly dried milk and, while riding, would add water to milk in a flash. Riding with flash would cause the mixture to churn, resulting in thick syrup. He believed in sorcery and evil spirits and has met several astrologers in the court of Kublai Khan. He has a sheep breed named after him.

Kublai Khan got so attracted to him that he refused to let him go back to his home, and after much convincing. The emperor allowed him to escort the prince and gave him a golden tablet, which would bring good luck. However, there were unending debates regarding the authenticity of tales. It must be said that Marco Polo did what very few adventure and his time at age.

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