The setting is impressive and unique. The story or the vampire line starts from the first vampire who became a vampire because of a curse. The generations of vampires continued from the original vampire and his children. The generation of the vampires describes the power of those vampires. There are two groups of vampires, one who lives secretly in the night under darkness without harming anyone or letting anyone know about this world. In contrast, the other group thinks they are more powerful and can do whatever they want without caring about anyone and exposing this dark world.


The story in the book is not based on adventure and thrill, but it is based on politics to survive and live that ultimately gives epic adventure and fantastic experience not only to the player but also to the reader.

The book’s design and layout are unique and fascinating, and they are simple and straightforward, which makes the book easy to read. It is effortless and understandable. The level of explanation is very high. The illustrations in the book are mesmerizing and intriguing. The images and drawings are so unique that it gives the reader an experience to remember and helps him understand the story and incidents happening in the book.

The book is recommended to people interested in the fictional and dark world of vampires and want to experience vampires’ hard life in the night. The book gives the reader that perfect experience for what he came here for.You can get the ebook free pdf from below.