The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene pdf free download,the 48 laws of power by robert greene summary

Summary of The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene

The 48 laws of power pdf free download book is written by Robert Greene, an American author. It has 48 chapters and every chapter defines a law of life to sustain your power in life. It is an influential book that was a bestseller in 1998. It has historical citations, examples, and anecdotes to explain why a person should be following a specific rule. Celebrities, Businessmen and famous people think that this book is a Bible to them.

The 48 rules of power are never surpass your teacher, use your enemies, don’t trust on friends, hide your intentions, play dumb to achieve your goal, save your honor, speak less than required, make conspiracies to excel, win with actions, take credit of others work, make yourself hard to predict, make people dependent on you use generosity and honesty of others, avoid unhappy and unlucky people, make self-interest a priority, know your enemy, finish your rivals, gather intelligence, use your absence to make your worth, don’t isolate yourself, know your powers, don’t dirty your hands, make your feats seem effortless, find weaknesses of others, use time wisely, make a plan till end, play with people dreams, hide your thinking, act in a way you want others to treat you, ignore what you can’t have, don’t try to become a great man, never accept free invites, win both harts and mind of people, be formless, use mirror effect, don’t seem perfect, introduce changes slowly and know when to end after winning.

The 48 laws of power pdf book have a tremendous grip to divert the mind of a reader to apply these laws in his life. Many of the laws were out of humanity. This book is for people who want to learn how to be self-obsessed. It is a negative book because if we follow these rules, we might get a victim of narcissism. To conquer this world and gain power it is not important to opt self-absorbed ways. You can download the ebook pdf free from below: