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Book: Dracula By Bram Stoker

Dracula by Bram stoker pdf free download, Dracula is a fiction story was written in 1897 by an Irish author called Bram Stoker. It was a gothic horror fiction novel. The author of Dracula, stoker, was not very well in his life. But he certainly became well known for his book but several decades after his death. The character named “Count Dracula”, of Dracula’s novel is himself was very well known before the book was written.

Because in the 16-17th century there was a superstition that beasts. Who wake up from their graves with long nails and pointy sharp teeth drink the blood of animals, especially humans. So, the Author refurbished this old idea of superstition in his book fantastically. This book had not got enough hype at that time when it was released, even after many years book was underrated. But, when celebrities of that time started adaptation from the book in open theatres.

the book sparked that era. The book seemed like hot chocolate all over the world and people started buying it. As I have said before, it was too late for the author, that he was resting in peace. That only his soul truly enjoys appreciation of his work. Dracula now becomes the eternal character of all time and still many people taking adaptations from the novel in his movies, series, and shows. There have been numerous authors who are writing about Dracula as an antagonist in their writings with new tastes and genres.

The overall book is very engaging and interesting. The writer Bram Stoker was an Irish writer. He was born in Ireland, later he married the daughter of a colonel. Moreover, he was the director of the lyceum theatre in London. Also, he was the personal assistant to the famous actor at that time. He started writing novels in 1890. His first novel was “The Snake’s Path”. Later on, in 1897, his famous novel Dracula was published.

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