Book: Mard-E-Abresham by Bano Qudsia

 Mard-e-Abresham by Bano Qudsia pdf free download is a biography. This is written on the life of the most famous Urdu writer Qudrat-ul-Allah Shahab. In addition, he was a Civil officer in Pakistan, and he served as principal secretary to different state heads. Because she met him through his husband Ashfaq Ahmad. They were good friends. Shahaab’s family belongs to the Arain tribe from Gilgit. He completed his educations from Aligarh.

In 1946 he joined civil services. Moreover, he served as minister of information and principal secretary of prime monsters. After retirement, he serves as an ambassador of Pakistan in the Netherland. He was a spiritual writer. Also, Shahab has written too many books in English and Urdu. His well-known book is his Autobiography Shahab Nama. This book gets too much fame. However, the book was published in too many additions. He was a pious and spiritual person.

Although, many writers have written biographies on his life his achievements were amazing. But, Bano Qudsia the best Urdu novelist. Her work is different. She raises voice for women. She was against the modernism. Bano always stressed that women should be obligated to her husband. She graduated from GCU Lahore. Also, she completes her master’s in Urdu from the same university. In Addition, her husband Ashfaq Ahmad was also a famous Urdu writer.

Actually, her services for Urdu literature are unforgettable. She renowned internationally. Moreover, many of her books were translated into English and to other languages. Moreover, she won an award as the best writer for a lifetime. Bano gets hype from her novel Raja Gidh. In Fact, Qudsia is a motivation for many young girls as she maintained her professional career and as a housewife. But, she died in 2017 and buried in Lahore.

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