Somanatha the many voices of a History book pdf download

Book: Somanatha the many voices of a History by Romila Thapar

Somanatha temple has a lot of controversial history and it has remained a flashpoint between Muslims and Hindus. In this book, Somanatha the many voices of a History pdf free download one of the most respected Indian author Romila Thapar undergoes a lot of research and consult Sanskrit transcripts along with merchants log to verify the claim that Sultan Mehmood Shah Ghaznavi shattered the Temple of Somanatha.

Mehmood Shah had raided seventeen times on subcontinent and each time he became successful and it was also the era when India started to be affected by Muslim religion. According to Miss Thapar, history has been manipulated vigorously, and to her findings, she considers during the colonial periods the British used these tactics to create a gap among Muslims & Hindus so they can rule on India peacefully while the people fight among themselves on the basis of religion.

The whole take on Mehmood Shah Ghaznavi is wrong and solely based upon heating the flares of hatred among the Hindus to support false claims that Muslims terrorized their country and did force conversions so when the British arrived they actually came to rescue the Hindus from their plights and misery. All the facts are forged and fictional and its a huge shake by the author to answer some of the most criticized aspects. I wish you will find the book very interesting because she has gone through a lot of research and screened history from folk tales. You can also check other Historical books pdf download for free on this site