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Book:-  My Brief History by Stephan Hawking

My Brief History by Stephan Hawking is an autobiography of the world-famous cosmologist and physicist. Notably known for his work on black holes and space theories. This book enlightens the life of the writer from post-war London to then the most acclaimed scientist. Whose imaginations and theories gave the world.
A new dimension to think and to explain the existence of the universe. Hawking was called the Einstien in his college. He became very influential after the fathers of Physics. He gives an intensified look in his early days how he enjoyed his life. Moreover, he was diagnosed with ALS but the disease made him a stronger person.
However, he kept his work going followed by breakthroughs. Stephen Hawking’s books are very thorough and give a precise idea of human existence. The brief history of time is one of the most iconic books of the twenty-first century. freebooksmania provides the study link of My Brief History by