hazrat rabia basri by hafiz nasir mehmood

Book:-Hazrat Rabia Basri by Hafiz Nasir Mehmood 

Hazrat Rabia Basri Nasir Mehmood pdf free download is the biography of a first Sufi woman. Who is seen as one of the most pious and God-loving saints. Her biography is compiled by the writer on solid references.
The father of Hazrat Rabiaa Basri was also a great saint. He was used to spend a lot of time in the prayer for the love and peace of Allah Almighty. This thing impressed his daughter in an early age. She also attracted towards religion more energetically. It has been recorded that her life was full of hardships and certain anomalies. But she remained an iron patriot lover and believer of Allah. All the difficulties and affections are solely from Him.
She was also a poet and also wrote some books too. She remained unmarried throughout his life. Hazrat Rabia said that she had a lot of worries and obligations and they are undone. So, how she could enjoy a simple life. freebooksmania provides the Hazrat Rabia Basri by Nasir Mehmood pdf download link below and hopes that you will like it.