ebook pdf free download The Secret Life of Mullah Omar by Bette Adam

Book:- The Secret Life of Mullah Omar by Bette Dam

The Secret Life of Mullah Omar by Bette Dam is a thrilling and groundbreaking report based book that has shooked entire the west and the US which reveals how reckless the NATO forces were in finding the Afghan Taliban Leader. Bette dam is an independent journalist. Who has lived a great period in Afghanistan and used to report the situations there on her blog and newspaper?
The recent reports of her reveal that Mullah Omar used to live just 3 miles away from the US soldiers camp. He has destined himself from the world and became a spiritual leader of the Afghan Taliban. He was a great man who died in 2013 silently when the armies of the world searching for him. The CIA and the Afgan Government have long accused Pakistan of hiding him. But, the facts are pretty different he never visited Pakistan after 9/11.
They didn’t trust the neighbor authorities for his refugee status. The book reveals a lot and negates a lot of facts which the US used to keep the world convinced for his presence in Afghanistan. freebooksmania provides The Secret Life of Mullah Omar by Bette dam ebook pdf free link below and hopes that you will like it.
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