Never Grow Up by Jackie Chan ebook pdf download

Never Grow Up by Jackie Chan ebook pdf download

Book:- Never Grow Up by Jackie Chan

Never Grow Up by Jackie Chan pdf free download is written by one of his close friend Zhu Mo. Who is his childhood chum and knows him better than anyone. He put the notion of writing this book so that the world will know about this man who has had a lot in his life.
Jackie Chan biography starts as he was a poor fellow in his college life. Who was bullied by his classmates who used to beat him from that he made up a mind to learn Kung fu for his self-defense. The thing which Chan has is focus and diligence. Moreover, through which he has achieved a lot of things. He has suffered a lot while he was training almost all of his bones have undergone to fracture.
But, here he stands as one of the fit people in the world who is 61 years old. This book thoroughly discusses his early struggle. How he got a role in “Police” movie and his drug addiction, attitude towards his son each and everything has been detailed here.

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