Book:- Bahjat Ul Asrar By Imam Abul Hassan Shatnofi

Bahjat Ul Asrar pdf free download By Imam Abul Hassan Shatnofi is one of Islamic books pdf in Urdu. Which is a biography of famous Saint Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani also known as Hazrat Ghous Azam.

Sheikh Abdul Qadir was a famous Saint in the history of Islam. Also, people follow his teachings to get into the right path. Moreover, which leads to peace and success. Actually, This book was originally published in the Arabic format but lately, it is now available as Urdu book pdf.
The writer got fame from this biography. Further, which shows true affection towards Hazrat Jilani. So, that he tried to count every detail of his life into the book. freebooksmania provides the download link of this book in pdf format and hopes that you will like it. Kindly give us a review in the comment box.