Book:- Shaheed e Karbala by Mufti Muhammad Shafi 

Shaheed e Karbala by Mufti Muhammad Shafi pdf free download is another authentic book. Which throughout accounts for the incidents of Karbala.

Not long after the death of Muhammad, the initiative of the huge Islamic Empire had fallen into unsavoriness. In fact, the ethical qualities that Muhammad had gone through his time on earth. Imparting into society was being annihilated as the new ruler. Further, a merciless man called Yazid from the Ummayad tradition was resolved to increase finish control. 

Hussain saw and challenged. The privileges of his kin being abused, and the estimations of society being demolished by a domineering and degenerate government. Although, Yazid was the direct opposite of everything Hussain remained for and lectured. He requested that Hussain pays loyalty to him, with a specific end goal to build his own particular validity. 

Hussain needed to settle on a choice To give his pledge of devotion to a despot and submit to insidious. Moreover, To hold fast of insubordination against underhandedness and hazard his own particular life? What might you do? The ageless expressions of his grandfather Muhammad S’AW reverberated in his heart. Also, Hussain realized what he needed to do: “The best stand is to talk the expression of truth despite a dictator.”

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