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The Confession of Economic Hitman pdf by John Perkins is now available on freebooksmania. This book is a partial autobiography of the writer and a record-breaking book in which the writer explains the American economic system, he says that all the policies are for the elite class and rich people even they give loans to the poor for their own interest.He widely criticizes the country’s foreign policies and pressure on another country. The writer throws light on many facts like as a worker of this system his job was to convince people and nations for a loan by World Bank and USAID.

The writer claims that through these enormous debts the USA wants to control the Nations and by building pressure on them he wants a strong monopoly over the world. He also commented about cryptocurrency and gave suggestions about it. He several times accused the National Security Agency of being involved in this kind of stuff. He names all this evil as economic Hitman. The writer has faced many death threats and bribe offers while compiling this book although after that he didn’t stop and wrote other books too all of them will be presented on freebooksmania. The Confession of Economic Hitman pdf by John Perkins download link is given below:

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