My Life with the Taliban pdf download by Abdul Zaeef 

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Book:- My Life with the Taliban  by Abdul Zaeef 

My Life with the Taliban pdf download by Abdul Zaeef who was the ambassador of Afghanistan and abducted by the USA to Guantanamo Bay.This book is now available on freebooksmania.

Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef is one of the establishing individuals from the Taliban. His life account was distributed not long after his discharge; in 2006 in Pashto. The Pashto dialect form was named as “The Story of Guantanamo Bay by Mullah Zaeef”. Before meaning the English form; the book has just been converted into some different dialects; including Urdu. 
The book is exceptionally incredulous of what took after 9/11. It likewise gives an understanding of the development and how they accept, however, a considerable measure has been missed. 
My Life with the Taliban pdf download by Abdul Zaeef was destined to an unassuming family in Kandahar in 1968. His mom passed on not long after his introduction to the world while his dad kicked the bucket when he was 11. Zaeef relocated to Quetta not long after Russian intrusion in 1979. He considered in religious and in addition mainstream schools up-to tenth grade in Pakistan. He took part in Afghan Jihad at 15 years old, in which he got harmed. After Russian withdrawal from Afghanistan, Zaeef came back to Afghanistan and began educating in a nearby mosque in a little town close Kandahar. 
He held different vital positions in the Taliban administration like, in the State Bank, service of Defense, Coal and Mines lastly as minister to Pakistan, where he was the most reached illustrative of Taliban. After a few thoughtful admonitions from insiders of the Pakistani government and ISI individual to leave the nation, which Zaeef didn’t; he was given over to the USA in November 2001. He was held in Guantanamo Bay for a long time with no charges, where he was subjected to uncaring treatment. Discharged on 11 September 2005, Zaeef is presently living in Kabul. Despite everything he repeats that He “was a Taliban, is a Taliban and will remain a Taliban”. Anyway denies any connection with Al-Qaeda and as a commitment, acknowledges to not act against the USA.
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