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Sarah by Razia But pdf free download


Book: Sarah by Razia But Sarah by Razia but pdf free download a story that defines the struggle of a girl in dominating male society to get her rights. She forced to choose the wrong way as a prostitute. But she wasn’t willing for all this. So she escapes from there and settles in another […]

Bano by Razia But pdf free Download


Book: Bano by Razia But Bano by Razia butt pdf free download is a novel that defines the story of a girl who fell in love with a captain from the army. The writer uses a story plot mixed with romance and with wars. Razia butt always takes a girl as a leading role. No […]

Aag by Razia But pdf free Download


Book: Aag by Razia But Aag by Razia But pdf free download is a novel, the story is based on the jealousy and backbiting. Agg is a word of Urdu language, it means that fire. Jealousy is like a fire that burns your good deeds and your health internally. A jealous person could never be […]