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Book: Shaikhoo By Razia Butt

Shaikhoo By Razia Butt pdf free download is the collection of different short stories. These stories are fantastic. The writer has written about prince Saleem and emperor Akbar also. The title of the book is on the name of Prince Saleem. He is also known as Shaikhoo. Once Emperor Akbar was on a battlefield, and the prince got sick. This book also contains some other interesting stories like Uff ye Aurtain, Mehman, Saas aur Bahu and Dill aur Pathar. Saas Aur Bahu is an exciting story that reveals the relation of sass with her Bahu.

A girl got married and came to another house, instead of making a bond with the members of a new family she starts with fighting with family members, especially with saas. But in the end, when she becomes a saas, then she realised the importance of new parental family. Razia but was a Pakistani novel writer, play writer, and short story writer. She was born in Wazirabad, a small city near District Gujranwala. Her childhood spent in Peshawar. She started her writing career in 1940 when his first story Naila published in a magazine. Her writings mostly based on women.

She always talks about women’s strength and women empowerment. The main character of her story is primarily women. Also, some of her stories aired on TV; most of his publications adopted on the main screen.  She also has written for Radio Pakistan. However, during the 1950s, she took a break from writing, but her total books are 50 novels and 350 short stories. She was a proponent to women. Most of the time, this topic considered a hot topic for a writer to write for the rights of women.

That writer faces too much criticism. But she never wrote a hit from her original subject. His famous novels are Saiqa and Naila. Also, these novels adopted on the big screen as drama serials. Then she came with her very renowned autobiography, “Bichary Lamhe.” The readers liked this book too much. Due to this book, she went on the light. She died on 4 October 2004.

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