The Turn of Screw by Henry James pdf download is a short novel, it was published as serial in Collier weekly magazine in 1898. This is a horror story, a narrator narrates the story on Christmas Eve, reads the manuscript written by the previous governess, died a few years ago. The manuscripts tell the story of how the governess hired by a man who became responsible for the growth of his nephew and nieces after the death of their parents, but he didn’t want to raise them as a child.

The Boy studies in boarding school and his younger sister lives at home in Essex. Then eventually one day in the summer Miles comes home without leaves, and the reason behind it was expulsion from the school. He was expelled by the headmaster but the reason was unknown. Moreover, Mile didn’t want to share it with anyone. Meanwhile, the governess hesitates to ask him about this.


One day she saw two people enter the house without permission, the governess asks Mrs. Grose about them. She tells that these are the ghosts of their parents. Both of the children are aware of the presence of the ghost. One day the Flora the younger girl go out of the home without permission and the governess finds her talking with a ghost. The governess asks her to confess that she was talking with them but she denied it.

Then she goes with Mile for an outing and that night he wants to tell about his expulsion and then governess saw a ghost in the window. She shields the mile and told him that now, nothing will bother you nor a ghost. But eventually, she had seen the dead body of Mile in her arms. Henry James was an American author, but later he became a British citizen. He considered one of the best novelists in English literature.  

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