Feed (Grant Novel) pdf free download is a horror and fiction novel written by an American author Seanan McGuire. It is the first book in the Newsflesh series. The book is written from the perspective of the protagonist Georgia Mason, a blog journalist and following the presidential campaign of Peter Rayman when she finds out the hidden secret of the campaign.

Main plot of the book

The plot story is set decades after a zombie apocalypse. Two man-made viruses are combined to form a single benign virus named Kellis-Amberlee. This virus can quickly affect all the mammalians and convert any host mammal over 40 pounds into a zombie. There are three main ways that describe how amplification can take place.

The humans are living in a very safe zone with precautions for the K-A virus not to spread. In such conditions, the regular media is not working, and the bloggers are the primary source of news and entertainment people can trust and believe. There are Newsies, Aunties, Fictionals, Irwins, and Stewarts performing different, unique, and essential activities and tasks.

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The feed occurs in 2040, where Georgia and some other bloggers are selected to cover the campaign. Throughout the plot, they go through a horrific journey covering and facing zombie attacks and accidents, leading to Georgia being shot by the K-A virus.

Writing style

The novel is amazingly written. The level of detail in the book is at its peak. With so much explanation of the happenings and every tiny bit in the story gives the reader an unforgetable experience.


The illustrations are so well described that they create the perfect images of the action and incidents happening throughout the story.

What the book gives

The author has kept the writing unique and straightforward that it is easily understandable by the reader and that it can give the reader an experience that he can remember. The ideas for the plot and the incidents in it are fascinating. You can get ebook pdf free from here.