Darkly Dreaming Dexter pdf free download is a mystery fiction written by American novelist Jeff Lindsay. The novel is based around a serial killer named Dexter Morgan, who people like because he slays only the bad guys. Despite his dark motive, he is liked by people for justice.

Plot and Setting

The plot of the book is set on a charming and handsome guy Dexter. He works for the Miami-Dade Police department as a forensic blood spatter analyst. He is a beast in the face of a human. Despite his ruthlessness, he is liked by people because he brings justice and peace by killing rapists, murderers, and other bad people.

Dexter hears an inner voice that urges him to kill someone. Once he slays someone, that voice disappears, but it always eventually comes back. The flashback that Dexter gets reveals that his foster father was a detective police officer who knew Dexter was a sociopath and taught him how to secretly kill evil and sinful people who have committed horrific crimes without leaving a clue. He also taught him to make sure they were guilty of the crime before killing them.

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Dexter’s sister Debra who is adopted, asks for help when someone killed three prostitutes. Dexter feels the compelling pull to the killer because of similar desires. The killer kidnaps Debra and brings Dexter to the scene revealing Debra is held in the same container ship where Dexter’s mother was held. The killer turns out to be the biological brother of Dexter, Brain. Debra’s colleague arrives at the scene where Dexter lets Brian kill Debra’s colleague as he refuses to slay Debra.

Other information

The novel is broadly written. The book’s story is very engaging and intriguing that takes the reader through a fantastic ride with twists and turns full of horror and thrill.

Darkly dreaming Dexter could be an amazing addition in someone’s library as it contains so much in it for the reader. You can get ebook pdf free from here.