Clockwork Prince pdf free download is a young adult novel by American young adult fiction author Cassandra Clare. From the mesmerizing life of shadow hunters to the fascinating and breathtaking adventure, the story covers everything in between. The book is written through protagonist Tessa Grey’s perspective living in the London institute among other shadow hunters.

Basic information of the book

The Clockwork Prince is the second book in the Infernal Devices trilogy. The story in this novel is the continuation of the events from the previous book in the series. The book contains some marvellous inspirations from the Victorian era. The author has also used many quotes from the pieces of Victorian literature for the reader’s experience. The shadow hunters in the novel are half angels and half-human beings called Nephilim.

Plot of the book


The book starts where Charlotte, the London institute manager, is called to a shadow hunters’ council meeting to test and ask her recent failure regarding the capture of the evil industrialist Mortmain who wants to kill and slay all the Nephilim in the world. The councils decide to give Charlotte an ultimatum where she has to find Mortmain or lose her seat and power as the London institute manager. She inspects that something happened to the parents of Mortmain and sents Tessa, Jem, and Will to investigate.

The trios’ incredible journey from York and through London’s streets unveils the imagination of the author. The trio discovers that the revenge of the industrialist Mortmain is somewhat very personal. Throughout the journey, the trio learns so much about them. Tessa learns that her parents’ reality was darker then she had expected it to be. The trio also comes to know that Mortmain knows everything about them and that one of them betrayed them.

Other information about the book

The book is an excellent young adult fiction novel with all the emotions and ups and downs very well explained. Clockwork Prince takes its reader through a fascinating journey he will never forget. The book will be a great addition to the collection of anyone who reads this. You can get ebook pdf free from here.