Cat on a Hot Tin Roof pdf free download is a classic three-act play written by an American playwright Tennessee Williams. This play won Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The play is set in the American Gothic style.

Main story line of the play

The setting of the plot is in southern America. It is about a family of husband and wife Brick and Margaret respectively and their interaction with Brick’s family for one evening. The family is gathered to party and celebrate Big Daddy’s birthday Pollitt the Delta’s most prominent cotton planter, and his health’s clean certificate. Everyone except Big Daddy and Big Mama is aware of the real diagnosis of Big Daddy.  Big Daddy is dying of cancer. The Pollitt family has been creating this falsehood for themselves.

Maggie, a young and beautiful lady, escaped poverty by marrying Brick. Everyone in the family knows Brick has not slept with her for so long. She is angry over Brick for ignoring his brother Gooper’s continuous attempts to control the family property. Brick’s drinking has escalated after his best friend, Skipper’s suicide. Brick told that Skipper, before suiciding, told him about his feeling for Brick, and he refused him.


Angry Brick tells Big Daddy about his diagnosis and that he’ll soon die of cancer, and that the family falsified the report from the clinic. Big Daddy leads everyone inside the gallery, where the family has gathered along with their family’s physician. Everyone decides to tell the truth about Big Daddy’s health to Big Mama. Gooper and Mae start to give proposals for the division of the family’s property. Big Mama defends his husband from their suggestions. Maggie lies that she’s pregnant in front of Big Mama and Big Daddy for them to believe she has life. When Brick and Maggie are alone again, she promises him that she will make her lie true.

What else the book gives

The play is very amazingly described and written. Different aspects of families are very well explained and used in the play. The illustrations in the play draw a perfect image in the reader’s mind about society and how people manipulate their own family.

This is a great drama play that gives the reader an experience to remember. Falsehood, untruths, and facing death are the main themes of the play that are described and explained in the plot. You can get the ebook pdf free from here.