Death of a Salesman pdf free download is a fiction drama written by an American, Arthur Asher Miller. Death of a Salesman won Tony Award for Best Play. It is also said to be one of the greatest plays of the 20th century.

Plot and Storyline

The play’s story is set around an old salesman, Willy, and his family, including his two sons Biff and Happy, and his wife, Linda. The play starts as Willy comes home exhausted. His wife Linda is concerned about him and his health and asks him to talk to his boss about his transfer to New York City after recent incidents and a car accident. On the other hand, Willy is concerned about his elder son Biff a football star who failed in a maths test and ultimately failed for admission. Willy dreams of his son as a big businessman, but biff does not want to be one.

Willy goes to his boss to talk about his transfer, but he refuses. For Willy’s angry behavior, his boss fires him, saying he’s old and worthless anyway. Willy asks their neighbors for money to pay the final premium bills for his insurance.


Biff, Happy, and Willy meet at a restaurant for dinner when willy, in a flashback, remembers Biff’s visit to a hotel during one of his business trips. There Biff comes to know about his father’s affair with a receptionist and leaves, saying him a fraud. Biff and Happy leave the restaurant. At home, Linda confronts them for leaving their father at the restaurant. Biff and Willy argue with an epic climax where Biff hugs Willy and forgives him. Willy, in the end, leaves home, and the scene comes where Willy’s family is attending his funeral. Willy wanted to give Biff his insurance money to start a new life by doing business with that money.

Other Information

This fantastic play shows some real and essential aspects of human life, struggle, dream, and helplessness. How a person thinks, dreams, and expects a lot leads him to live a hard life just for he can’t fulfill his dreams and get what he wants or dreams for.

Death of a Salesman is recommended to everyone. This play will give its reader an amazing experience. You can get the ebook pdf free from here.