Watchmen comic pdf download free, from winning Hugo Award to making it to the Time’s list of the 100 best Novels as one of the best English language novels published since 1923, is the perfect option for one to choose in order to escape the real world and explore the action-packed fantasy world of the superhumans.

The storyline of this award winning graphic novel circulates in the United States of America around the 1980s. The author being influenced by some real time events in the US such as the United States’ war with Vietnam and at that time president of The United States of America, Richard Nixon, keeping with the realism of the story. The book includes 5 main characters, 4 super heroes or vigilantes, dressed as super heroes and one other Dr. Manhattan and only among the five to actually have super powers.


The book also covers the rise and fall of these superheroes in the US through the time, the aftermath of their fall, the daily struggles to live, the famous of all how to save the Planet Earth in the bad times with the help of super heroes and how an ordinary human being going through tough times can be the one to save the day after all.

This amazing novel is very sophisticated and complex that it limits its audience to only those who can understand and handle it. The author has beautifully and perfectly kept the balance between reality and fantasy by adding flawed human characters, politics, powers, darkness, and philosophy, creating a flawed and complex real-world alike fantasy world. This novel just like some other best-written novels, with its perfect balance and influence, makes a direct relation of the story with the emotions of the reader. If there was a gateway from the real-world to the fantasy world of superheroes, it would be the Watchmen Comic.