The most dangerous game pdf download by Richard Connell

Summary of The most dangerous game

The most dangerous game pdf free download, a short thriller by Richard Connell is one of the breathtaking and frantic writings of all time.  Connell was one of the best acclaimed American story writers. He has also worked as a screenwriter and journalist. He was also nominated for an academy award in 1942.

The story starts with a big game hunter and writer Sanger Rainsford and his accomplice Whitney when they get aboard on a yacht to embark on the most electrifying adventure of their lives. They were sailing through the Caribbean making their way to Brazil for a hunt. A hunt of jaguars. The anxious talk of the yacht crew as they pass a mysterious island leaves them nervous even more. Sanger and Whitney start their discussions about the hunt on what or what not jaguars do. Shots fired somewhere agitates the atmosphere on the deck. In account to find the fuss on the yacht, Sanger falls overboard and makes a gutwrenching escape to the mysterious island.

There he encounters what can be called utter madness and mortification.  He soon discovers that the island is home to a Big Game Russian Hunter. Bored of traditional hunting and mastering his skills he emplanes on a massive hunt. Connel describes this mayhem as ” There is no greater bore than perfection “. The story then carries on with a chaotic hunt where the hunter MAN is now the hunter. One must do everything to survive.

The most dangerous game pdf is an exhilarating short story in which one must give a read. In my opinion, the story is a must-read if you are a person of adventure, escapade, and thrill. The story has some typos but as you read, they become unimportant and are far small than the plot of the story itself which surrounds the reader. The ebook pdf download version is below: