Book: Sher e Lazawal, Abad Weeranay by Bano Qudsia

Sher e Lazawal, Abad Weeranay by Bano Qudsia PDF free Download is an artistic novel. The story of the novel revolves around the incidence of independence day 14 August 1947. Novel shows that our ancestors had paid tribute and sacrifices for this country in actual the worth of Pakistan could not know better than those people.  Because they have given too many e sacrifices of their lives, their wealth and their resources.

the story shows that the women were rubbered and harassed during the incidence of independence. The story revolves around a single character of the Rashida. She was a young girl at the time of independence incident but with time passage she becomes a woman. Having too many responsibilities of their children and her old parents. the way of writing of Bano Qudsia is different the story of her novels is a little bit slow and creepy. She leads the story at the end of the last chapter of the novel.

So, to understand the complete story of the book is necessary to read it completely to reach a Final Destination and final theme of the novel. Bano always stressed that women should be obligated to her husband. She was graduated from GCU Lahore. Also, completed her master’s in Urdu from the same university. Her husband Ashfaq Ahmad was also a famous Urdu writer. Her services for Urdu literature are unforgettable.

She is renowned internationally. Many of her books were translated into English and to other languages. She has won an award as the best writer for a lifetime. Bano got a hype from her novel Raja Gidh. Her work was different. She raised voice for women. She was against the modernism. Bano always stressed that women should be obligated to her husband.

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