Book: Lamho Ki Khata Sadiyon Ki Saza by Syeda Wajeeha Bukhari

Lamho ki Khata Sadiyon ki Saza by Syeda Wajeeha Bukhari pdf free an episodic novel and now complete novel available here in pdf. This novel is a debate on the fate of humanity. How everything depends upon fate and you have to do nothing. However, everything is already planned for you. You have to struggle to explore it. When a man sins, he must pray for forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Actually, this is the sign of a Momin. Otherwise, a person who is proud of his sin becomes worse than an animal.

A person often meets often meets his density, on the road he took to avoid

Jeen de la Fontaine

The main theme of the novel is that we should sake forgiveness and blessings of Allah almighty. So that we could be successful in the world and day of judgment. So always sake forgiveness. It’s very good to move taking everything parallel. However, sinning is human nature. But Allah is Rahim and Rehman. Don’t ever lose hope. If you don’t ready for sake forgiveness, consequences will be very long-lasting and may be punished for years. Actually, the way the writer is very impressive. She is a very technical writer. His way of exploring suspense is interesting.

If you read this novel you will be impressed. In fact, Syeda Wajeeha Bukhari is a very good fiction writer. Her fans love her too much. They provide her with proper feedback to improve her writings. She has written many other beautiful stories, that already have been published in monthly digests. Moreover, her stories contain a mixture of romance and social issues. Actually, a writer is a representative of society. The writer writes to make a better society. Eradicate social evils that destroying our religion and civilization. So, it is too much responsibility.

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