Book: Kabhi Ishq Karo by Yasmeen Nishat Akhtar

Kabhi Ishq Karo by Yasmeen Nishat Akhtar pdf free is an episodic novel its 4th episode is now available here. This is a romantic novel. That means try love once in your life. However, it is said that life is incomplete without love. Do you believe that? It doesn’t need to be severe. Also, this is not compulsory to love with a male or female. You can fell in love with your profession, pets, birds, and nature. So, it should be clear that this is not ultimate. Some people have love with books. Moreover, they are complete readers they read every new arrival in the market. Besides, the story of this novel is based upon a romance between male and female.

Sakila and Zulaikha are two best friends. Zulaikha loves a boy named Yousaf and Shakila loves to Umair. Zulaikha always lives in depression. But her friend told him don’t be worried all will be ok. Actually, To excel live sometimes you have to let your beloved ones. Then you may live a happy life. Life is like a cycle. In fact, life is the name of hardships you have to face them. Face them forcefully and be successful. If you become a depressed person that someone doesn’t love you. Most probably it will be the biggest loss for you. Although it doesn’t mean that life is ended.

Yasmeen Nishat Akhtar is a famous Pakistani novelist and fiction writer. In Addition, her way of writing is beautiful she writes mostly for women. Her main writing is women empowerment. She did it very beautifully. Her novels inspired too much to the youth. Paved them to the way of success. Her novels are mostly published in episodic format in different monthly digests. A new episode comes after a month. This is the reason for her publicity and digests have too many readerships.

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