Book: Lakh Jatan Kr Hari by Muskaan Ahzem

Lakh Jatan Kr Hari by Muskaan Ahzem pdf free is an episodic novel and now its 5th  episode is available in pdf free formate. The main theme of this novel to establish a will power in women. So, that could raise her voice and fight for her rights. Actually, women are half of Earth’s total population. Moreover, we must properly educate them. Let them serve the community of the proper way. She could prove herself as a powerful individual of a society. Actually, she has already proved herself. We have thousands of examples when a woman has a rule on humanity.

A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.

Coco Chanel.

The story of the novel is like a girl tried her best to become a successful member. In fact, wants to show her friends and family that I’m not too weak. Its main purpose to elaborate efforts of half the population of the country. Obviously, Islam also gives equal rights to women that should be ideal for every human. In addition, we should give respect to females. Anzhish and Shehr Yar are leading roles in the novel. The couple loves each other. Muskan Ahzem she has proved herself as a good novelist. She is writing for different digests. Her novels are published as monthly episodes. She has earned too much love for her audience.

The audience loves her work. Moreover, Stor lines are loving. She is getting fame in the female side. Her readers are mostly female. But she is coming on the limelight. At last, she will be a great writer. Her work will be appreciated at big forums. Lakh Jatan Kar Hari is specifically her masterpiece. People are appreciating her work. She is a very good lady. She has sowed through her scripts. Although, this novel makes me feel faults in us. That we are not providing women to her proper rights.

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