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Book: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Pdf free ebook Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is a story of a woman that was well-known of her beauty. She was very poor and her parents in her childhood. But, her life began to alter when she met a gentleman, who used to serve as a teacher. But, something awaited her that’s going to change her life completely.

Someone rightly said,

Weed or Whiskey?

No, your Eyes!

The girl was in a total midlife cataclysm, but then she met her siblings that apart from during their childhood. She was nearly bewildered that what was happening to her life. But, after that, she got proposed by a man and the writer gave a happy ending! Charlotte Bronte is considered as one of the top female English storyteller and novel writers.

She always wrote just to give courage to women. Moreover, she put negotiations against the people that try to overlook the very basic rights of women. She was also a lady that fought against the brutality of men. Unfortunately, she got a disease hypermises gravidarum, but her writings and struggle would never die! Freebooksmania is providing her writings for free in ebook and pdf form for free.

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