Masnavi Roomi by Molana Rumi Ebook pdf Download

Masnavi Roomi by Molana Rumi pdf Download

Book: Masnavi Roomi by Molana Rumi

ebook pdf free Masnavi Roomi by Maulana Rumi is a very versatile source of books and it reveals the actual wisdom of Hazrat Molana Rome. He describes why are we created in that world, what is the reason behind that we are still alive. We all need to focus on these things that are going to make our redemption possible at the day of judgment. Masnavi Rumi explains the universal facts of the whole world, that ho we have to deal with the things that get us far away from our religions!
Molana Rome is a very notable personality in Islamic history. The great Iqbal use to say that I’ve learned from Him. His writing was always on behalf of humanity, Islamic culture, and traditions. He always promoted Islam as a perfect religion for the whole world because he was well aware of the fact that Islam is the only religion in that world which will help us out in not in that world but also in the day of judgment.
He always wrote books that are full of wisdom, that always showed the right to the people of the world to seek guidance at the part of religion. How we can able to succeed in every part of the life and how to be at home in with every problem that we all use to face in that world which is full of sorrows and how we can compete for the foes with consistency and how we can devote ourselves to Islam, only for the love of Allah and his beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). freebooksmania is providing that book for free in ebook and pdf!
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