Chancellor Urdu novel pdf by Rizwan Ali Ghuman

Book:- Chancellor Urdu book by Rizwan Ali Ghuman

Chancellor by Rizwan Ali Ghuman pdf free download is a thrilling mysterious espionage. Setting story decorated in Europe pointing the war of terror and immigrants situations there.
Rizwan Ali Ghumman is a young foreigner writer. Who went into Germany for a bright future in all of that he observed too much. The conditions of the people living there, having bright dreams in their eyes. But horrifying reality stalking their backs. This story also tells about the role of intelligence agencies in the foreign countries.
Fighting for leverage for their land and the benefits of its people. This story shuffles across whole the Europe and the rivalry of ISI &RAW makes the whole plot a fantasy. freebooksmania provides the link below and hopes that you will like it. Give us the reviews in the comment sections.