Kitab Ul Hind pdf free download by Albaruni

Kitab Ul Hind

Book:- Kitab Ul Hind by Abu Rehan Albaruni

 Kitab Ul Hind by Abu Rehan Albaruni pdf free download is an amazing cultural thesis. It written by famous Muslim who traveled into India to learn about their culture and literature and science. This book is now available on this site for free.
Abu Rehan Albaruni was a great and shining scholar of Muslim history in the era of Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi. He was also a proficient astronomer and researcher. Who just told the diameter of the earth at his time without any equipment. Which is now confirmed by the scientists which only differ by 70 k.m. This book is a complete witnessed travelogue of India.
Albaruni tells about the cultures of Hindus and criticizes their life cycle concept. He spent many years studying them, visiting their sacred places after that he compiled this masterpiece. One of the Al Baruni books Kitab Ul Hind is available for free pdf download. I hope you will like it and share your thoughts after reading this in the comments section.